The Packie Stock List – Mississippi Mud Black & Tan


The Skivvy…

I had a yuppie buddy back in college who was real into craft brews and the like. We’re talking the sort whose idea of a night slummin’ it was ordering a Shocktop on Dollar Draft night at Coogan’s. Every once in a while, though, this kid would venture down to our neck of the lowly woods to drink swill and get right shitty with the rest of us townies. Each and every time he came around to pregame, he’d always show up with a couple jugs of this Mississippi Mud stuff, kid absolutely swore by ‘em.

The beer itself was a porter n’ pilsner mix, and it wasn’t all that bad. Especially for less than four bucks a hit. Just be sure to slug the damn thing before it gets warm.

Brewed by… Mississippi Brewing Co. (New York)
Style… Black & Tan
Alcohol content… 5.00% ABV
Price range… $

Johnny’s Rating… 67

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