Pro Wrestling Report: AJ Lee Collapses at WWE Live Event!!!

The WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee collapsed at a WWE Live Event in London, England. The match was AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka vs The Bella Twins. When AJ tagged out and went to the ring apron, she started to hold her head and fainted. Tamina noticed something was wrong when she turned around and signaled the X sign for wrestlers who injure themselves during the match. Tamina quickly finished the match with a schoolboy. AJ was then attended to for 5-10 minutes and threw a fit because she couldn’t finish the match. The referees and medical staff walked Aj to the back. A short time later, officials reported AJ Lee is in stable condition and the reason that she fainted was because of dehydration and wrestling 7 days a week for the WWE Live Tour.

I have pics of the incident that was posted onto WNS.



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