Pro Wrestling Report: Kassius Ohno/Chirs Hero Released by WWE!!!!

Kassius Ohno has been released by the WWE! To many members of the IWC, people have clamored over the WWE debut of Kassius Ohno, but…apparently that’s not gonna happen. I’m not a fan of Kassius, but he’s a good performer. Fans shouldn’t be surprised by his release because of his recent work ethic. Triple H and other officials have stated that Ohno has not been attending practice or attending the gym. WWE has also removed Ohno from the titantron at the intro NXT.


Since his release yesterday, Ohno has changed his name to his original Chris Hero gimmick after being contacted by Pro Wrestling Syndicate. He is going to work there next Saturday and face Shane Hurricane Helms in Rahway NJ. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise because Chris Hero has always had a better following in the indies. I think he’ll be happier in the indies than WWE.

By the way…the IWC exploded today!


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