Jake Peavy Buys his Duck Boat


So in case you were living under a rock for the last week, The Red Sox won the world series. Most players are happy with their ring, but not Jake Peavy, he bought the Duck boat that brought him around town during the parade. I thought he was legally blind? Did he buy the guy who drove it too? I guess its cool to have a duck boat, but i don’t have friends. It would be a lonely ride around Revere giving tours to myself and then driving over sun bathers on Revere Beach (first public beach in the country) to splash into Lynn Harbor. Good times. The Duck boat isn’t as bad as Curt Schilling life savings investment on a video game company. I think the Duck boat only set Peavy back 77K. Most baseball players spend 77 K on ladies of the night anyways, at least I would

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