Sox Are Up 3-2 in the WS, But Don’t Get Cockie

It was 1986, I was 2 years old. The Red Sox were up 3-2 over the New York Mets. Now this scenario is a little different tho, the Mets did have games 6 and 7 at home. The Sox tonight have have a chance to win the first World Series in Fenway park since 1918. They have 2 shots at this. In 1986, game 6 October 25th, Mets tie the game in the 8th inning eventually leading to extra innings. Now many people are confused about what happened next. What really happen is the Wilson on the Mets hit a ground ball to Bill Buckner and what would be an easy out, lead to the ball going under his legs and finally Ray Knight scoring from 3rd to win. Although the Sox could of got that out and won the series, this game didn’t decided the series. The Sox has another chance the next day and couldn’t get out of their own way. Billy B didn’t loose the series for the Sox, the Sox not showing up for game 7 lost the series for the Sox. The series tonight has a 3-2 Boston lead, The Red Sox are at home and even though 1967 and 1975 the Sox were at home for games 6 and 7, they didn’t have a series lead going there. In 75 and 67 they were coming home down 2-3 AND they didn’t have beards. All I can say is good luck Red Sox. I will be watching this game dry heaving all night and walking around nervously around some sketchy South Boston bar talking to myself.

84 – The Big Wasabi

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