South Shore of Boston’s Greatest Billboard Ever

Alright, I know this is wicked local for Boston, but If you drive down the south east expressway, you have defiantly seen this billboard. Words can’t describe the mixed feelings I have about this. It literally makes me uncomfortable about everything. The first time i seen this, I almost flipped my car. The guy likes rings, so much he’ll give you the finger, or you give him the finger? I’m still trying to figure that out. I have never been there before and I am sure they have fine jewelry for sale, but i don’t know about this billboard man. They have several commercials to that are very intriguing. Last night driving home I seen a new billboard. It has the same kid in the background, but this time he is with a bride. I didn’t want to flip my car after seeing that one, so I would say improvement!


84 – The Big Wasabi

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