What Tony Sabatori Looks like – Finally!


So for all of my fans out there, you should know that my fake name, my Tony Clifton of Arty 84 if you will is Tony Sabatori from Hoboken New Jersey. Arty 84 is from Revere, MA – home of the US’s first public beach, Tony is from Hoboken, US’s first dump land. As time went on, the mythical character of Tony also grew. I would tell girls this was my name followed by some crazy story. Tony Sabatori is the Following:


AA Baseball Player for the Portland Seadoags – Tony is a Utility infielder batting 289 lifetime with a .997% infield percentage. I got a stand up triple last season on my first at bat in AAA Pawtucket.

Lead singer of the Band “Late to Logan”

Well today Tony was on the AE Radio Show – www/aeradioshow.com and what he looks like was finally reviled.

I hope Tony S. is everything you thought it would be

Arty 84

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