This is either a great World Series or the Worse Ever

So the Sox tie the series 2-2 last night, big part to a 90 minute last thought decision to put Gomes in over Nava in left. Well I would say it paid off, considering Gomes hit a 3 run blast to get the sox a nice cushion. That a boy Jonny. On Saturday, it was the first World Series Game ever to end with an interference call, last night it was the first World Series to end with a pick off to first. What is going to happy tonight?  A balk? a hit by pitch? a snow storm? Who knows in this World Series. What I do know is it is now a 3 game Series and the Sox have home field advantage. A win tonight, things are looking pretty damn good. A loss tonight, well at least we have 2 games at home

84 – The Big Wasabi

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