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Sox Loss WS Game 3 on a fake call


After seeing the Red Sox last night loose in the 9th inning on a call that was something more than suspicious, leaves me to believe the Big Bud is dieing for a 7 game world series between two of the top 5 Baseball cities. The call was WRONG. I am not even saying this because I am a Boston fan. There was no interference. It was BS and everyone other than the fine people of St. Louis will agree with me. Below is the video of last nights call. If you look clearly Middlebrooks was laying there and was just trying to get up. Not his fault the dumb-ass on St. Louis can’t stay on his feet. Should of Salty thrown that ball to third? Probable not BUT great heads up play with Nava getting that ball to the plate. If this ultimately decides the world series winner, then Saturday October 26th 2013 will be a sad day in MLB history. The series is 2-1 and if I am the Boston Red Sox, I use last night to motivate myself to take 2 in St. Louis. Go Sox!

84 – The Big Wasabi

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