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Welcome to the Packie – 2013-10-25

So unless your from New England, you prob will think this site is for someone who lives in Pakistan or a blog setup for the union of all night workers at the 7/11 down on Dot Ave. It is what it is and what it is, its a vision. I mean the guy at Bar stool did it, why not us right? Shit if all goes south, then we will just opening this up as a forum for hookers to post their ads. I’m pretty sure Craig from Craigslist first vision wasn’t a forum for the ladies of the night, not that there is anything wrong with it. There are plenty of girls selling themselves to help pay for their kids to eat while their baby daddy is serving 10 years at South Bay. hey at least they have conjugal visits right? hey and while your there, make a few extra bucks on the way out. I’m sure their are plenty of guys with surplus of lays potato chips they have been saving up for such an occasions. Well I don’t want to keep you guys hanging around here, if you like what you see then keep reading, if not I’ll drive into a quarry somewhere.

Written by 84

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