Sox in the World Series, Arty 84 is running for MLB Fan Cave 2014

84 here,

Well the Sox are in the World Series for the 3rd time in 10 years, and if they were able to get their bats out of their asses in 2008 against the Devil Dogs down in Tampa, it would be 4. There series is tied 1-1. Two of the Best baseball cities are in the World Series. One of the best offensive teams vs one of the best pitching teams. This is how every World Series should be. Now I’m not going to brag and say I knew the Sox would do it, I had them finishing 5th place in the AL East, well they won, mud on my face. I predict a Sox win in 6. it will be the first time a Boston team won a championship at home since 2008 with the Celtics. Things are going to get wild and 84 here will get down with it. Don’t worry Sox fans, “Every little thing, is gonna be alright”, well according to the flying Hawaiian it will be.

And since I have your attention, I guess i should shamelessly plug myself as I do so often. As many of you know, I lost the MLB Fan Cave last year to a kid from NY to rep the Red Sox. I was one of 52 people who were picked. I campaigned crazier than Napolian Dynamite, or whatever his name was. Above is my campaign video #1. go to to see last years videos. Its enough stuff to make it move. yea baby.

I also started a FB Fan Page – Spread it like a STD at University of Florida

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