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What the MLB divisions are looking like going into September!

By Adam Mallet
As August winds down and September is right around the corner, divisions are starting to take shape. Some divisions are locked up while other teams will be fighting for first place until the final game of the season. This is a quick glance at what each division looks like for playoff contending teams going into September, Things are going to get interesting.American League – East
With one month left almost every team with the exception of the Toronto Blue Jays is capable of winning this division. Over the last several weeks it has been the Redsox and Rays practically neck and neck. However, Baltimore is looming in the background and the Yankees have become hot. I think the Yankees will continue to surge and make things interesting for a little while. Alfonso Soriano has been putting up video game like numbers since they got him from Chicago. Once this streaky hitter cools off and can’t hit a pitch to save his life the Yankees will calm down. The Yankees don’t have much of an offense and despite an impressive year from pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, the ace of the staff CC Sabathia is showing serious signs of decline. Between the Sox, Rays and Orioles. It’s difficult to guess who will take the division. The Orioles scare me a little. Despite currently being in third place at the moment I feel like they are due to catch fire at any moment.
American League – Central
It shouldn’t even be a debate. The Detroit Tigers will win this division. Ace Justin Verlander might be having just an ok season. However, Max Scherzer has been incredible. He should no doubt win the Cy-Young award and of course we can’t forget Miguel Cabrera who could potentially win another triple crown. What I find odd though is that this race should have been over months ago. I don’t believe the Cleveland Indians are capable of catching them but I also didn’t think they were capable of being within striking distance of them either. With such a great roster I honestly expected Detroit to have a 15-game lead in the division at this point in the season. How is Cleveland still this close?
American League – West
This division is between the Texas Rangers and Oakland A’s. Texas didn’t do much to improve there team in the offseason and yet hear they are, currently enjoying a slight lead over the A’s. Oakland is one of the most under rated teams in Baseball. There offense isn’t much to look at but they rank in the top 10 in just about every pitching category. They have slipped a bit since the All-Star break but could easily turn it around.
National League – East
The NL-East has probably been the biggest joke. Everyone had The Nationals pegged to be the division leader when the season started. However, The Atlanta Braves have returned to a familiar form. They sit with a double digit lead and will coast into the playoffs.
National League – Central
Wow! This is a tuff division. Pittsburgh, St Louis and Cincinnati are all in the mix. I truly am rooting for Pittsburgh. They haven’t made the playoffs or had a winning record since 1992! If I had to guess though, I pick St Louis to take this division. They are the better all around team. Even if Pittsburgh falls behind this year they have nothing to be embarrassed about and should remain a contender next season.
National League – West
Dodger Manager Don Mattingly should kiss Yasiel Puig for saving his ass. If it wasn’t for Puig I truly believe the Dodgers with there monster payroll would still be one of the most underachieving offenses in Baseball. This young rookie lit a fire under this team and I think made some of the underachieving veterans feel like they needed to step up there game. The Dodgers were 23-32 when Puig got the call and on 8/25 the Dodgers lost there first series in two months! They now have a huge lead over the second place Arizona Diamond backs who are roughly a .500 team.
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