# Justice for A-Rod


Never in my life did I ever think I would be going out of my way to stick up for a Yankee player. A rod got busted, his name was on the list with 12 other guys. That is the truth and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Should be have to face some type of punishment? yes deferentially, just like the others have to, which is 50 games, not 211.

the 211 games is old man baseball, Bud Selig  being a douche. He has never failed a test prior to this. He is as equally as wrong as Braun or Cruz who were also suspended and should have to sit out until 2014. And face it, its will be good for the Yankees, there not doing anything this year anyways and they get to not have to pay A-rod for the rest of the season.

NOW if he is suspended for the full 211 games, the Yankees don’t have to pay them and no what, THEY SHOULD HAVE TO REGARDLESS. Those damn Yankees strong armed EVERYONE the year the sign him for 150 million over 10 years. Any suspension or life time band, they don’t have to pay, which is bullshit.

A-rod appealed or is planning to appeal is suspension this week. doing so would allow him to play the rest of the season. The arbitration committee would meet in October and A-rod will get paid for 2013, which the way he is structure is more money then he would make in 2014.

Should A-rod be banned from baseball? NO way! there is still a talent that he possesses that not many people have. Even with drugs, that doesn’t affect the ability to hit a baseball or play great defenses. Could his life time band talk be a conspiracy with MLB and the Yankees to avoid paying around the rest of his 119 million? I wouldn’t doubt it, the Yankees are Bud’s little cash cow. Its the same reason with the White Sox and Yankees both struggling this year, Bud allowed on A-rod to play until Thursdays where the other guys had to stop immediately. ratings for the Chi Sox Yankees game? I think so

So as a Red Sox fan, I will love to see the distraction known as A-rod continue to drain the Yankee’s wallet and destroy that club. And its a shame to, this could be in fact Jeter and Rivera’s last year, two of the greatest players in the last 20 years, have to play with a dink like A-rod.

I hope every in MLB learned a lesson here.  When one outbids someone by a lot, one is to be sure the one they are buying is not an A-Fraud.

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