I’m 29 Today – A reflection of the Decade that was my 20’s


Today I turn 29 years old. I have 364 days left of my 20’s. That’s about 8,736 hours or 524160 minutes left. its a scary notion considering the amount of adventure I have experienced between 2004 and 2013.  Is turning 30 these days like it was turning 30 10 years ago or am I so old that my mentality of turning 30 is the same as when I turned say 20 or even 10. With people living to day 80 these days, my life id about 33% over, that is of course if I don’t get hit by a bus or a satellite falls from space on my Honda while sitting in traffic on the expressway.  That’s also if cheeseburger Thursdays don’t give me a heart attack.

Have I been productive in my 20’s or is there more I could of done with my time? we’ll it depends who you ask. My grandmother would say I should be married with kids and have a house, my friends would say why stop at seeing all the MLB ballparks, start seeing the NFL stadiums. Overall I have been productive i think. This decade more than any other of the 3.

The first decade once you stop shitting yourself and learning to speak and add, there really isn’t more to look forward to. How much do you really accomplished from K-4th grade? I learned how to flirt with girls and get in trouble with old bitty of teachers for talking to much, that’s about it. My elementary school doesn’t even exists anymore, RIP AC Whelan School. Small accomplishments are big accomplishments your first decade of life You have your few best friends that will drift away during your next 10 years and you’ll reflect on why you went in different directions. I have one friends from the AC Whelan that i still talk to and see, rarly but still see.

The next decade comes and you get to graduate elementary school, middle school and high school. You get to drive and go to basement parties where you get to play spin the bottle and make out with girls, very nice, You get to be a real dick head to your parents who do nothing but support your unemployed ass. you find love, followed by heart break. you start college and think your the coolest shit in the world, and then about 2 month in you realize that shit you just committed to for the next 4, or in my case 8 years. Perhaps you get your pickle wet for the first time, perhaps you don’t. I don’t know. friendships will be born and others will die.

In my case, decade 2 was full of death. My grandmother, good friends brother, favorite teacher and a friend who lived across the street all passed away, in addition to other older family members. from 10-19, got a reality on life. I was scared shitless on 9/11 while sitting in first period statistics class as a senior in high school. My friend’s uncle was my teacher and once the announcement was made over the load speaker that something bad has happen to the towers, by teacher was very warm in letting us all know that all the guys in the class will probably be dead in the next couple of years when we get drafted. That was a fun day. Watching 3000 plus people die on life TV while two buildings crash down is a lot of a 17 year old to take in.18 months later seeing the USA go to war live on CNN during your 3rd day of your first spring break also will scared the shit out of you.Your second decade you start to work. I know work 5 jobs. I have basically been working since 16 years old, but all the work helped with the accomplishments for the 3rd decade.

At 20 things start to progress and your childhood is left behind. You start having responsibilities like driving yourself to the dentist and making your own doctors appointments. You get a credit card and see how fast you can max it out. You may or may not get arrested and may or may not get probation, who knows? You graduate college, you get a full time job. You move out of your parents house, maybe get your second car. You loose one of your best friends tragically and another grandparent.

For me, it was full of up and downs. I have seen all 4 of my favorite team win their championships. I have been to a world series, super bowl, Stanley cup final, NBA final, NBA all star game, winter classic and home run derby. By the time i’m 30, i will have seen all the MLB baseball stadiums plus some. I will have been to 48 of the 50 states and 9 different countries.  When i am done with my 20’s it will be the most productive decade yet far. Big shoes for my 30’s to fill, but I’m ready. there is still a lot in this world I need to do and see and in 10 years,  July 19th, 2023, if I’m still alive and have just turned 39, hopefully what I wrote here today looks unimpressive to that I will be writing.

So with that said, happy birthday to me!

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