Rolling Stone puts Boston bombing suspect on cover


Outrage? yes a lot of outrage actually. Rolling Stone should really think about what they did. They put an accused terrorist on their cover. Its not like when Nat Geo put Osama Bin Laden on their magazine. What a new magazine like Nat Geo does something like that, they are not celebrating the life  and what could of been. They are reporting news and how much of a scum bag he is.

Rolling Stone on the other hand puts this kid on the cover as if he is a lead singer in some Indie pop group out of Melrose, MA and has some great story. He is a fucking sick asshole who with the good grace of the United States will either die a harsh death in an Federal Prison or gets put to death. He took a great event and turned it into horror. He didn’t just affect the lives he killed, Krystle Marie Campbell, 29, a restaurant manager from Medford, Massachusetts Lü Lingzi  23, a Chinese national and Boston University graduate student from Shenyang, Liaoning and Martin William Richard along with Sean Collier, 27, an MIT police officer of Wilmington, Massachusetts, but the lives of everyone who attends a public event and called themselves an American.

I will not mention his name in the article, nor the picture from Rolling Stone. They have already got what they wanted, a media highlight on a magazine that I don’t thin people even read anymore. Do Boston a favor, don’t buy the Magazine, Don’t post the picture of the Terrorist and don’t glorify an act of terror.

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