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With the Yankees coming to Boston this weekend, I want to ask, what is your favorite Red Sox Yankee moment?

The Red Sox are in first place and ahead of the Yankees by 6 games. Usually this time of the year, its the opposite and I sit as a Sox fan preparing to get my ass handed to me, but with the turmoil that is going on in the Bronx, its doesn’t seem like the Yankees are going to be able to get their shit together this season.

My first Sox/Yankee game was game 5 of the 1999 ALCS. It was October 18th and I was a sophomore in high school. My buddy strong bow waited outside of Fenway for tickets to the game the week before. My mom still believes that he was doing sexual favors for the tickets. I didn’t really care how he got them, all i know was that around 5PM that night I was painting my face red and wearing a helmet, and not because there is a risk of my hitting my head, but so I looked cool.

To make a long story short, the Sox lost despite an 8th inning attempted rally by Trot Nixon. It was sad to see them loose, even though they were down 3-1 and the only burst they had the whole playoffs was 2 days prior on that Saturday where Pedro and the Sox game Roger the rocket Clemens a nice 13-1 beat down. Other than that, the Red Sox were pretty lack lesters.

Times have changed and since then we seen the Yankees 2 other times in the ALCS, including the 2003 ALCS Grady Little fiasco with an 11th inning heart break and the 2004 ALCS and the kick ass down 3-0 come back baby!

Since 2000, the Sox have won 2 World Series, and the Yankees have won 2. We are tied in the 21st Century. Both teams have come close to getting that third, but have fallen short. Will we see another ALCS Yanks/Sox this year? well looking at it now, probably not, but then again who even thought the Sox would be in first this year at this point? Not this guy.

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