2013 Mid Season MLB surprises

2013 Mid Season MLB surprises
By Adam Mallet

Like most sports, baseball can be unpredictable. Sometimes a key injury or trade can change an entire season. As we approach the middle of the 2013 MLB season we have some surprises, but these are some of the surprises I would be shocked about if I wasn’t paying attention.

The Red Sox are in first place?
I thought going into the season the Redsox had a shot at being a wild card contender if everything fell into place perfectly. (and rarely things do) I don’t think anyone could have predicted they would be in first place and have one of the best records in Baseball. I don’t think anyone could have predicted David Ortiz would be hitting around .317  at the age of 37 (in Dominican years which probably means he is damn near 40) or Jose Iglesias who was projected to be a .225 – .260 hitter is batting .367. Those numbers will come back down to earth but for right now it’s impressive. This Sox team almost seems like a fairy tail. It’s been a while since we have seen a Sox team like this. They are a team that actually gives a damn and will grind out at-bats, working pitchers deep into counts. Hopefully, they can stay on this high note and won’t burn out in the second half.
Adam Dunn still has a job?
I know Adam Dunn can still hit homeruns, but overall he sucks! He does remind me of my love life in some ways. He has a lot of swing and misses but when he is on a hot streak nothing can stop him. Currently,as I type this though he is batting .214 and if his average the last two seasons is any indication (.204) & (.159) he will probably get worse. Are the White Sox that desperate for a DH? I don’t get it!
The Washington Nationals are a .500 team?
I still think this will change. As long as you are at .500 at the All-Star break you still have a chance. This team is to good and loaded with young talent to stay at .500 They might be six games behind the Braves in the NL-East but nobody should count them out.
The Blue Jays are in last place?
Before the season began, almost everyone agreed. On paper the Jays were the team to beat. After the Miami Marlins fire sale and acquiring last years NL CY young winner, I didn’t think they would be in first but I at least thought they would have a winning record.
Yasiel Puig your a good player (so far) but how could you even be considered as an All-Star!?
He has only 151 AB’s and is batting .391 Yes he is entertaining to watch. Jonathan Papelbon was right though. If he was on the NL-All-Star team it would be a joke.  Not because he hasn’t paid his due’s but because In my opinion, if you don’t have enough at-bats to qualify as a league leader (and he doesn’t) then you shouldn’t be considered for the all-star team! If that was the case, then Jose Iglesias should make it also. He is batting .367 and has about thirty more AB’s than him! If you are truly as good as you seem you will eventually make it next year.
The Cleveland Indians are only 1 1/2 games behind the Tigers for first place in the AL-Central?
The Cleveland Indians are slipping under the radar. I never would have thought at the all-star break they would be on the heels of the Detroit Tigers who are stacked with a bunch of potential all-stars. Enough said!
John Lackey is 4th in the AL with a 2.78 ERA?
After breaking records (in a bad way) during his 2011 season and missing the entire 2012 season due to Tommy John Surgery, John Lackey has bounced back. I know they say a pitchers performance usually improves significantly a year after Tommy John Surgery with a drop off the second year. However,Lackey has been looking not just better..but impressive! He won’t have these numbers next year.
There ya have it folks. This is what has impressed me most nearing the half-way point of the season. I can’t wait to see what the second half brings, Especially, as we near the trade deadline. I can’t wait to write about who screwed up and who took home the prom queen before this years trade deadline.
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