Boston’s future without Paul Pierce & Keven Garnett looks certain

Last night as the 2013 NBA draft was going on, Boston and Brooklyn talks have been heated up. Earlier in the off season it was reported that there were talks with the LA Clippers and The Celtic which would be moving Keven Garnett and Paul Pierce. After the trade with Doc Rivers to the Clippers, any more exchanges between the two teams can not happen until next year, according the NBA league Rules.
Last night, talks were heating up again and this time it was with division rival, the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets were the 4th seed last year in the East and were a a good playoff team with some mission pieces. Now by adding Garnett and Pierce, with Jason Terry off the bench, it appears that the Nets will have what it takes to give the Miami Heat some trouble. Piecing together two playoff teams with missing pieces to form a super team is the only way to be able to make a run for the championship. Now if they could grab some pieces for the Knicks, Miami wouldn’t have a change.
The latest reports are as followed:
Yahoo! Sports reports that the Nets have agreed to send Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Reggie Evans, Kris Joseph and three first-round picks in exchange for the trio of Celtics. The picks would come in the 2014, 2016 and 2018 drafts.
Fun NBA Fact – an NBA team can not trade off consecutive first round picks anymore. In the 1980’s the Cavaliers used to trade off their first round every year and basically it almost ended the franchises. Dennis Rodman was one of those picks they traded off.
Long term, this is a great trade for the Celtics. Yea they may not be going to far into the playoffs for the next few years, but its a solid step to help rebuild one of the greatest basketball franchises in the League. Short term, this is great for the Nets. With maybe two years left for Pierce and Garnett, the Nets have a great chance to take their team to the finals, specially with Jason Kidd as their head coach.
it looks like the Nets are taking a page out of the Celtics 2008 playbook. It worked for them and I think it will work for the Nets. Its not a threat to the Celtics either because going into this trade, it is well known that the Celtics will be planning on rebuilding and only have to deal with this temporary powerhouse in Brooklyn for the most, two years.
As a hardcore Celtics fan, it will be sad seeing number 34 & 5 in black and white, but at least its not red and black (heat). It appears Garnett will waive his trade Claus and this deal will go down after July 10th, which is the start of the league year. All i can do is be sad and wish these two guys luck. I would really like to see these guys get another ring and we all know its not going to happen in Boston, not for a while at least. A fresh start in Boston is good for the Celtics in the future, and with two great basketball players running out of time in their careers, this is the best move.
Good luck Kevin and Paul, thanks for 2008 and many great games after.
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