Boston Sports – The Best of times and this week, the worst of times


So as everyone in this fine world knows, Boston has been pretty successful in the sports world the last few years. Well it isn’t all peaches and cream. There is a little sadness to our sports life up here. I wasn’t going to write this blog, but then i seen a picture of Zdeno Chara, Bruins Captain riding the rowdy rooster ride at Canobie Lake Park in Salem New Hampshire which seems to be yesterday. Paraphrasing a quote from another sports blog, “when you win the cup you go to Disney World, when you loose you go to shitty Canobie Lake Park in Cow Hampshire. Just sad seeing this 6 foot giant going around and around in a cart that is built for a 10 year old. Not a smile on Mr. Chara’s face, is there? We found out today that Patrice Bergeron could “not keep calm and Bergeron” because he has been in the hospital since Monday with a hole in his lung and played game 6 with a dislocated shoulder and bruised rib. In other hockey news Andrew Ference and Jaromír Jágr will not be back next year as members of the Bruins. Here in Boston we are still trying to figure out why Claud Julian was replaced in the 3rd period of game 6 with Boston Legend Grady Little and Tuukka Rask was replaced in goal with Bill Buckner.
In other sad Boston new, Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez gets arrested for conspiracy to commit a crime and obstruction of justice. A friend of Aaron’s was found murdered down the street from his house last Monday night in a rental car with Hernandez’s name on it. Aaron was also last seen with Odin Lloyd, the man found shot in an office park near Hernandez’s home. Before Aaron could even got to the station in the back of that police car, old Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick (owner and head coach of the New England Patriots) fired his Connecticut ass. So this year the best passing quarterback in the NFL, Tom Brady, doesn’t have Wes Welker or Aaron Hernandez plus no Gronk until maybe Thanksgiving?
On to basketball bad news now in Boston. The Celtics loose head coach Doc Rivers to the Clippers. We traded a coach for a 2nd round draft pick. Doc could of stayed, but didn’t want to. If that wasn’t bad enough, we had to see Ray Allen win the NBA finals as a member of the heat. He gave Boston the Big F U last summer to go play with that ass clown Lebron James. There also have been talks that Garnet and Pierce might be on there way out too. Now Celtics games will have a bunch of nobody’s and a headcase named Rondo. My season ticket value has just reach the value of a used condom worn by Magic Johnson.
In baseball, the Sox killed the Rockies last night 11-4, but had lost 5 of their last 6 going into the night. They are still top of the American League, but something bad is going to happen. Why you ask? because the other 3 teams have pooped the proverbial bed this week, why shouldn’t the Red Sox? I mean they were the best team in baseball two years ago and in September couldn’t win to save a duck and missed the playoffs.
So all you Boston sports haters out there, everything isn’t all peaches a herbs here in Bean town. We hurt just like Cleveland does once in a while. In the last few years we have had the Sox loose in game 7 of the ALCS to the Devil Dogs down in Tampa, The Sox missed the playoffs after having the best record in baseball then only won 12 games the next year, the Pats went 16-0 and lost the Superbowl to the Giants and then lost to them again a few years later THEN lost the AFC Championship to a shitty purple team in Baltimore with a quarterback  that is as average as an Iowa 4. We have the bruins loose the cup after looking like there will be a game 7. The Celtics lost in both the finals and Eastern Conf Championship in heart breaking game 7’s. We lost Manny, Welker, Papelbon, Allen and the right to be called title town for now. But hey, at least we have obnoxious South Boston people on TV and no more pink hats at Sox games.
Maybe times have changed, I mean Boston now has football Jesus himself, Timmy Tebow. We can only hope Brady goes down week 1 and Tebow leads us to the Superbowl like Brady did when Drew Bledsoe did in 2011
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