Why Boston Really is the City of Champions


With the Bruins heading into game 4 tonight in the Eastern Conference Championship against Pittsburgh tonight, leading 3-0 no doubt, I started thinking about the past suggest of Boston Sports teams as a whole. I was born in 1984 and at that time, Boston sports teams for the most part were pretty good. The Sox, Bruins, Pats and Celtics all made it to the championship games in that decade, but only the Celtics were able to grab a couple of wins. Unfortunately the success of  the 1980s really didn’t carry over into the 90’s. The Celtics fell into the dark ages, and after the 1990 season for the Bruins, they did too. The Pats were one of the worst teams in football and other then a division win in 1995 for the Sox, they really didn’t do much.

The day it all changed thought was Super Bowl 36 in the winter of 1997. The Patriots had just come over a great AFC Championship win against the favorite Jacksonville Jaguars. It was the first time the Pats would play in the super bowl since 1986 and only the second time in team history, and although Brett Farvvvverrrrrr man-handled the team, for Boston, it was the start of many years to come of playoff games.

After that Superbowl, the Pats would be in a rebuilding age for a couple of years, but the Red Sox had started to pick up the pace. They got Manny, they got Pedro and they got to the ALCS  in 1999 and would play the evil empire, New York Yankees. But again Boston would find themselves on the losing side of that battle, but now baseball had hope again in the city.

AND THEN CAME TOM BRADY. Big Drew aka Number 11 goes down in a game verse the Jets that fine day in 2001 and big Tommy Brady comes in and wins that game, and a bunch others that fall too. Then we had the tuck rule snow bowl verse the Raiders, then a great AFC championship where it looks like Brady may be injured and Drew Bledsoe comes in and throws a touchdown. The Pats win, they head to New Orleans for the third time and Big Show Adam Vinatieri kicks that field goal with no time left, for the second time that playoffs too, and the New England Patriots are Super Bowl 36 Champs, and so started the Boston Championship gravy train.

The Sox win a great world series in 2004, after backwards sweeping the Yankees in the ALCS. The Pats win a couple more and in a few years Garnett and Allen would join the Celtics and they’ll get their first in 26 years and three years later the young Bruins team would get their first in 39 years making the first part of the 21st Century pretty damn good for Boston.

Making it to the playoffs for Boston teams is something we all take for granted. In fact you have to go back to the year 2000 to find a year where there wasn’t at least 1 Boston team in the post season. Starting in 2001, at least 1 team has been in the post season every years, with 2003, 2004 and 2009 where all four teams made the post season and in the last 3 years, the only team out of the four who didn’t make the post season was the Red Sox. Also since 2001 Boston teams have combined to win 7 Championships.

But is Boston really the city of Champs? Well not really, New York City beats us by 12 big wins. Combined for all four sports that have played here one time or another, Boston has 34 Championships, 8 MLB (1 Braves & 7 Red Sox) 3 NFL( All Patriots) 6 NHL ( All Bruins) & of course 17 NBA ( All Celtics). Now New York City has 45, 33 MLB, 2 NBA, 7 NFL and 4 NHL. BUT lets remember, currently NYC has two baseball teams and two football teams and they also had the baseball Giants and Dodgers at one point too, Boston, other then baseball, only had 1 team in town at once so only being behind 12 wins to a mega city with mega teams isn’t to shabby. Since 2001 Boston has won 7 times and New York 3 so we are on pace to take over NYC by the year 2099.

For the complete list of city championship wins go to  – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._cities_by_number_of_professional_sports_championships – you will notice it will have New York at 45, but i included the Broklyn Dodgers in the math.

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