So you think you can predict sports better than a 4th & 7th Grader?

So many times before a season of sports starts, every sports publication prints their predictions on who will make the playoffs and who will suck. Now we all know that sports is 50% skills and 50% luck. On paper a team can look like they will win the Super Bowl or World Series, but with an injury there or a prayer there, they are out in the first round. I reflect on such examples of the the Seattle Mariners with a 120 wins in the 90’s and get taken out in the first round of the playoffs and of course the 18-1 New England Patriots who just couldn’t close the deal in the Biggest game of the year.
For fun this year, I figured instead of all you out there just reading who I thought was going to make the playoffs in the MLB,  I would get my two little cousins involved in this exercises in seeing into the future of sports. I ask Sekani (12) & Malik (9) who are very intelligent young men and  huge sports fans to tell me who they thought will be the teams to beat in the MLB and here is what they gave me. (BTW better writers then I am)
Playoff Predictions –Sekani (12)
1. Boston Red Sox – AL East
The Boston Red Sox have struggled to make the playoffs for the past few years. Last season was their first losing season in a long time. After the season, they fired Bobby Valentine and hired John Farrell as a new manager. The Red Sox are off to a great start as they are a consistent and balanced team who now puts in better effort and has improved on their hitting game. I predict they will be the division winner for the AL East
2. Texas Rangers  – AL West
The Texas Rangers were eliminated in the playoffs by the Baltimore Orioles in the AL Wild Card. With Josh Hamilton gone, people have been looking down on the Texas Rangers in the offseason. This seems to have given them courage to keep going as they are also off to a great start. As a Josh Hamilton-free team now, this has given players to show off their skills and overall is improving the team dramatically and are not depending on one great player now. I predict they’ll win the AL West division
3. Detroit Tigers – AL Central
Detroit Tigers have come far in the league making it to the playoffs and last year were World Series finalists, but lost to the San Francisco Giants. Detroit has been improving every year, and this year, Detroit has another opportunity to win a World Series. With all-star pitcher Justin Verlander, home run king Prince Fielder, recent Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera, and a great team, Detroit can definitely take the division .I predict they will win the AL Central Division.
4. Wild Card Prediction (AL)
I believe the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles or Oakland Athletics will make the Wild Card. Either way, I believe the Yankees will take the Wild Card spot instead of winning the division this time around.
5. Atlanta Braves – NL East
Atlanta is dominant when it comes to out fielding. They can manage double plays often and even triple plays sometimes. Just like the Rangers, having a team that can show off their skills more often leads to more practice and less dependence on other teammates. Also like the Rangers, they lost in the NL Wild Card. I predict the Braves will win NL East
6. St. Louis Cardinals – NL Central
There is just something about this team that stands out from the rest. The reason many of these games have been lost is because they don’t exactly try until the last few innings to pull it off, but sometimes fail. This year, St. Louis is putting equal effort in every inning. I predict they will win the NL Central.
7. San Francisco Giants – NL West
No offense to the team, but I dread them for beating the Detroit Tigers in the last World Series. Regardless, I put aside my beliefs and decided that the SF Giants would win NL West. This team has some pretty strong hitters and a good pitching game. Lately, some players have been accused of performance-enhancing drugs, especially the Giants, last year. This year, they are avoiding that and playing to their true extent. This team has the confidence to go on to the playoffs.
8. Wild Card Prediction (NL)
I believe the Washington Nationals and the Colorado Rockies will take the Wild Card spots in the NL. I predict a victory for the Nationals because it just makes more sense. Washington is a more balanced team and can resist longer games and pull them off for wins. The Nationals are a much more durable team in stamina in general.
Playoff Predictions –Malik (9)
1. Boston Red Sox – AL East
I think the Boston Red Sox can pull it off this year with David Ortiz. Boston has been going smooth with their rebuilding and I think they will make it
2. Detroit Tigers – AL Central
Detroit has a very good chance of making the playoffs because of the triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera and slugger Prince Fielder. Also Justin Verlander can really help the team.
3. Texas I think is going to make it because of consistent hitting and their amazing effort.
4. AL Wild Card
I think Oakland is going to make it because of their solid performance as a team and I think Coco Crisp can help the team reach the playoffs
5. Washington Nationals/Atlanta Braves – NL East
Washington can defiantly go into the playoffs because of the brilliant pitching by Stephen Strasburg and All-Star hitter Bryce Harper
Atlanta can make it because of the step up of the Upton brothers and soild hitters Jason Heyward and brian Mccann.
6.   Los Angeles Dodgers / San Francisco Giants – NL West
Los Angeles Dodgers can make it because of RBI kings Adrian Gonzales and Matt Kemp
San Francisco Giants have amazing pitching and hitting. They also are very good at working together
So after reading their predictions, some may say WOW these are very close to what I have been watching on ESPN or reading in SI. I would say these predictions are very good compared to how the season has started. The following are my predictions for the 2013 MLB Season
AL East – Baltimore Orioles
AL Central – Detroit Tigers
AL West – Oakland A’s
AL WIldcards – KC Royals & Boston Red Sox
NL East – Washington Nationals
NL Central – St Louis Cardinals
NL West – San Francisco Giants
NL Wildcards – Atlanta Braves & Milwaukee Brewers
So here is what a 9, 12 and 28 years old think. All three of us are from Boston, but the two younger ones now reside in the Atlanta area. We all watch ESPN and love sports, except they are more athletic then I will ever be and probably could kick my butt 1 on 1 in everything from basketball to table tennis.
Baseball is now in its 2nd month. We still have 75% of the season to play so anything could happen. In September there will be a follow up to this article and we will see if myself, Arty 84 is better at predicting sports than two guys who never lived through the 80’s and 90’s and don’t know what it was like to have to have a girl call your house when you were in 5th grade and half to explain to your over protective mom that she is your new girlfriend. These guys will never have to do this because facebook, personal cellphones and twitter make awkward talks with your mom a thing of the past.
OH 1 thing too. Malik wanted to let everyone know if you use his predictions and bet those teams in Vegas he wants a 50% cut in the action because if you win and don’t pay he is going to have his big cousins break your legs, just kidding I can’t even break a 20 at the 7-11.
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