Are The Boston Celtics All Done?

Yesterday afternoon was Game 4 of the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. As a beloved season ticket holder of the Boston Celtics, I took part in the mid day activities over at the garden. The first 3 games of this series, the Celtics were all over the place. In game 1, they played good for the first half. They were able to take a lead several times and actually be up by a basket or two at the half. The second half of that game was a different story. They failed to keep up the pace and the New York Knicks took game one.

Game two was the same story, having an even bigger lead at the half and the loosing again. The Celtics didn’t just loose that game,  The got blown the hell out in the second half. Up by 18 at one point and almost loose by 18 at the end. How does this happen? Well when you have a team that is as old as the Celtics, this is something that happens often. Without the skilled young guys to give the old vets a rest like Pierce and Garnet, these guys are forces to play 30 plus minutes at times.
In game 3, the Celtics should of had the advantage since they were at home, but they were never in the game at all. The Knicks came to play on friday, and they played well. Celtics really show their age by dogging it up the court and taking lazy shots. The young skilled Knicks team leads by Carmelo Anthony racked up the points on the Senior Citizen Boston Basketball Team.
Game 4 was a different song. Being down 3 games to non, the Celtics have to win the rest of these games. Never in the history of the NBA has a team came back from 0-3. The Celtics just need one game to win. Win one at a time, like the Sox did in 2004. The Celtics came out strong on Sunday. They had the lead most of the game, not loosing it until the late 4th, BUT they had a 20 point lead at one time. There were still several Celtic player who were slow and unproductive and if Paul Pierce shoots another 3 when there is plenty of time on the shot clock and players open, I might take a heart attack in the stands. When he hits one, we all cheer, but most people forget the 20 that he missed prior.
The Knicks fought back and got the game tied at 84 and bringing an overtime. The Celtics did play their asses off in the 5 minute OT and won the game. If the team was young again ,there wouldn’t be a need for the OT and Gino would of been playing at the end of the 3rd. In 2009 I watched the Celtics beat the Knicks by 52 points, but things have changed in the last 5 years. Now with game 5 on Wednesday night in NYC, the celtics are one game away from going home empty, but if they can win, then game 6 on Friday in Boston can really make the city get excited again. But if they loose Wednesday, this could be the last time we see several players including Garnet and Pierce in a Celtic jersey.
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