Boston Marathon 2013 – pain, sorrow & strength

Today I sit 1600 miles from my home in Boston and all I can think about is the pain and sorrow that is flowing through the streets of my home town. I grew up in Revere, which is a few miles north of Boston. Between going to Sox games and hanging out with my friends, I have spent countless days and nights in Boston. I relatively safe city to   call your home i would say. Its a major city, so it has its problems, but never in my life have I fear walking down a street or going to a place with crowds.
In the last 15 years, Boston has won many sports championships, and with those wins come large parades to celebrate. There had never been an issue. The Major Menino, although a butt of many jokes in town, has done a great job over the last 20 years keeping the city a place where people from all around the world want to visit. The number one even in the city each year is the Boston Marathon, which has been going non stop for over 100 years, issue free (unless you count when Rosie took the green line for half the race in 1980).
The Boston Marathon touches home to me in many ways. I know people who run it, work it, and celebrate it. It is one of my favorite days of the year. For year my friends and I would take the day off from work and try to get into the 11AM Red Sox game, and whether we get in or not, we find a way to watch it. When then walk up beacon street and make our way to Boylston street and watch the runners cross the finish line. We would typically be near by where the explosions happen and typically around that time. This year was the first in many I was on vacation, and as sad as I was to miss the race, there is a piece of me that has great relief that I wasn’t were i was suppose to be. Whether someone from above was looking out for me or it was a mere test of chance I will never know.
Although being away from the city makes me feel helpless. I know there was nothing I could of done, but I feel like part of me needs to be home, where I feel safe. After my mom told me the news via txt messaging, a great panic struck me. Not knowing the details at all and hearing people where dead and very badly injured, I start trying to take a mental inventory of friends and family who I knew were going to be there. I had lost my phone at the airport that morning, so I had no way to get in touch with people. Thank god I had my ipad and wifi so I could get onto facebook and make sure everyone was ok.
Last night was a trying night for me. I have never felt this sad and angry since 9/11. I know that the scale of what happen in Boston doesn’t even remotely compare to what the New Yorkers felt that terrible day, but to me having a terrorist event at all in my home town hot home hard. Its the feeling that someone has walked into your home and destroyed a piece of it that makes you feel unsafe. The city of Boston is a strong town, like New York and other cities around the country that has suffered tragic events. We will bounce back! stronger then ever, there is no doubt about that. To all my friends in law enforcement in Massachusetts I want to personal thank you for all you have been doing in the last 24 hours. The people appreciate you for keeping us safe and we know you will find that sick twisted asshole.
My sister posted something today that was spot on. There is a billboard on the expressway that says “coward” and that is right on the spot. The person or persons who did this was a coward. i dont know what their intentions of this event was, but I can tell you when found, the intentions of the government is to make this persons life a living hell. Whether is was a domestic terrorist act or someone trying to be a matta to some group, you will be caught and you will pay the price.
My heart and prayers go out to the confirmed 3 who have passed away including a child who was only 8 years old.  A person with their whole lives a head of them cut short by a sick fuck. I pray for the over 100 that were injured and hope for a fast and full recovery.  And I pray for the people of Boston and the United States, to stay strong and not let this reunion the great things that makes us who we are. I promise you next year I will be at the race as I had been years past and i’m sure many others will be too, stronger and as fearless as ever.


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