“Massachusetts Invented America”


Just watch president Obama, governor Patrick and mayor Menino on the service they had for the bombing that happen in Boston during the Marathon. It is heart warming to know that the world is watching and is sadden with all us Bostonians.  I am currently not near Boston for the week, but as I around wearing my Sox hat proudly and Celtics jersey with a purpose, it is amazing the people from all around the world who have come up to me and expressed their sorrow for what happen.

Still sadden after several days, and will be for many more. So many people are helping out with fundraisers and events for the 3 young souls who passed away too early and the several injured who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. These people will never be forgotten. They will forever live on. The Marathon will forever live on. The sport parades that this dear city loves so much will forever live on. Sports are a huge piece of the Boston lifestyle. It is a huge part of our lives. We take what happens to our teams and athletes very personal. Boston and New York, rivals from the start on the sports field, but the first ones to come to each others help when it is needed. New York our big older brother to the south who seems to always take all the glory when compared to us is the same older brother who have reached out and help us when it was needed.
They called Philadelphia the city of brotherly love, but Boston is the city of stranger compassion We will all stick together no matter what and nothing will bring this strong city that was the foundation of this great country apart. Justice will be served and the ones responsible will be punished.

Again I would like to thank everyone from around the country who has showed the compassion and sorrow to us Bostonians and know whenever something goes down in your town, the proud New Englanders and Bostonians will be there to help

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