2013 Baseball Road Trip – The Last Horah – Projected Day 3


The Last Horah – Day 3 Sunday Sept 2nd, 2013 By Arty 84

For the Entire Trip Run Down check out – http://aeradioshow.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/2013-baseball-road-trip-the-last-horah/

For Day 3 of this trip, I get to do something I have always wanted to do, go UFO and Area 51 investigating. In NV there is a highway call the ET Highway, which is state rout 375. The route actually borders the east side of the so called Area 51. I won’t be peaking over there, but there are a few spots along the way I would like to check out. Special thanks to the site Synchrosecrets – www.synchrosecrets.com/synchrosecrets/?p=12786

The end of the day will take me to Reno where I get to explores Americana’s Smallest Big City, or what ever the hell they call that place. I’m a little freaked out though traveling 6 hours across the desert with a very limited amount of people around. It will give me a chance to be one with myself and take in my inner thoughts and have the creative juices flow like the salmon of capostrono, if you will

If I am lucky, perhaps I will encounter an ET like creature. What freaks me out the most from what I have been reading is there is literally nothing out there. Although the risk on this leg is a little higher then most, it still should be a great story to tell.

My first stop of the day is in Crystal Springs, NV at the Alien Research Center. Its i located off the highway and from reports I have read, its basically a tall  alien statue and a little hanger off to the side. Everyone who has tried to check it out basically said there was no ones there, creepy. With an 8.5 hour drive to Reno, I should leave Vegas around 9am to get to this first stop around 11AM

The Second Stop: takes me to the famous Black Mail Box, which is now white. It is a known place for UFO abductions and where people have witness UFO’s. Apparently it is located on the end of a road and is owned by a farmer but it looks like something that is a must see. This will take about 30 minutes from the Alien Research Center

Black Mail Box

Mail Box Rd, Alamo, NV

The third stop of the day take me to small town in the middle of no where, Rachel, NV and lunch at the Lil Alien inn . Hotel and Restaurant and has been featured in such movies as Independent day. I’m really excited to try an Alien Burger and chat a little with the people who work there. There is also a little gift  shop there too. Maybe a can get my whole family their christmas gifts while I’m there. This will be another 30 mins down from the Black Mail Box.

Little Ale’Inn

1 Old Mill Street

Rachel, NV

From this point on, it a straight shot to Reno. I will have about 6 hours left on the day and the goal is to be up there before dark. I have never been to Reno before as I said above. From asking people what they thought, i booked my hotel near most of the Casino’s. If anyone out there has any suggestions of sites, food or things to do when I’m in Reno, or other spots, please feel free to e-mail me at demattiaa@gmail.com

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If you are interesting in help sponsoring this trip please contact arty at demattiaa@gmail.com – This trip will be documented live, along with banners on the car that i will be in and your name on the videos that are made. Your company will also be mentioned in the radio show and podcast that I run. All media is on www.aeradioshow.com & www.wickedgoodsportstalk.com

It will be a great way to get your name out there with me as your billboard

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