Fenway Park $5 Dollar Beer Scam UPDATE

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By Arty 84

I am not sure why this bothers me so much, but I think because it is an injustice to the people from the corporations and people are to blind to see through the marketing smoke show they put up.

I harped about this last week, but witness the shit show first hand yesterday at opening day at Fenway. The day started with me waiting till the last minute to buy tickets and getting nice seats for 10 dollars less then face value, including fees. That a lone justified me not taking the sox up on the season ticket offer I got last week. I had been on the list for 7 years and they are finally letting me into the club. But why would I pay full value for a seat when i can get it in the secondary market cheaper?

So as i made my way into Fenway, Obie One and I took the train in. We are cheap so we though we park at Lechmare in Cambridge for 6 bucks and take the train down. Well the lot was full so we parked at the ball for a nice 20 dollar afternoon raping. While on the train a crazy guy sat next to us and was yelling some garbage. I think at one point he told me to shut the fuck up. Nice language in a family place buddy. Take your craziness to the circus partner.

Got to the stadium and the amount of fair weather, its opening day so my daddy bought me ticket, pink hat wearing, jersey over my suit sporting goof balls was more for one man to take in. Believe it or not it was my first opening day. I will be going back to more games this year, and knowing that the price of seats on the secondary market are so low mean there wont be a lot of people at the game.

First thing we do is look for the 5 dollar beers. WELL surprise surprise, there is like 4 places in the whole place you can get one and its easy to fine. Just look for the line that has 100 people in it. Once in line, we realized that the only 5 dollar option is Bud Light and Miller Lite. I’m sorry i don’t live in a trailer park in Florida and not a freshmen in college so that is not going to cut it for me, but i bought a couple anyways because it was 5 bucks.

This next part is the part that sent me over the edge and if I didn’t control myself I probably would of been kicked out. I get up to the window 2 innings later and the meat head gym rat working behind the counter doesn’t ask me what size beer and when i say 2 millers he takes it a pond himself to pour 2 large ones. No i said the 5 dollar ones man. I have bartender for many moons and at a bar you ask these simple questions, bottle or draft small or large, apparently there was to much protein in his diet today and he forgot. He then gives me a snide remark back “hey next time in the future you got to let us know” i told him the way the TV and Radio made it sound that everything was 5 bucks. It took a lot not to throw that beer in the guys face, BUT i had just paid the price of a 6 pack for one muddy draft beer. Not to mention the stadium is not designed for lines and circulation. It is the only stadium out of the 30 I have been to that you can move around. Then once you get up the ramp, it is an obstacle course to get to your seat.

After that fascicle the game was pleasant.  It was a pitching battle with basically two national league lineups in the American League East. The game difference was a home run, and a nice hit one at that.

Looking at the schedule, most games are under 20 bucks on the secondary market, so do your selves a favor, drink a lot before you go into the park and don’t buy your tickets at the box office. Its the only way prices will drop.

Arty 84



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