Fenway Park $5 Dollar Beer Scam

So as most of you know in the Boston Area (because the Red Sox made sure EVVVEERRYONE Knew), The Sox have decided for the month of April, they will be offering $5 beers. They will still have the 7.75 & 8.75 beers too. Well why would i get a 7.75 beer when I can get a 5 dollar one you ask. Well the 5 dollar beers are only 12 oz compared to the 7.75 which are 16.

There not giving you a deal. Do you think three guys who made their billions off business would take a hit like that? No Way. So i was curious what the oz per dollar break down was so I sat down and did a little math.

At $7.75 you get 2.06 oz of beer per dollar or BPD At $8.75 you get 1.83 oz or BPD

Now I took in consideration the $5 dollar system with the 12 oz beer

At $5.00 you get 2.4 oz of beer per dollar

So the Red Sox are giving you .36 more oz of domestic beer and .57 more oz of beer with the Premium brews.

BUT doesn’t 5 look at lot better then 7.75? Of course! For most people who would drink 2 beers for 15.50 now will drink 3 for 15, but since they are smaller most likely have 4 for 20, and in turn giving the sox at least a 4 dollar profit. Simple, the less something is, the more you’ll drink

Will I take part in this? Yes of course I love beer. Are the owners helping us out? No there business men, this is a business. They know that they will sell more beer at 5 dollars then at 7.75. And they know they will take  small hit on their profit margin for April, BUT its tough to sell seats in cold April, so any money is good money.

They Also have free food for kids and 2 for 1 hot dogs. Good Luck in those lines! I was at the bruins game and tried to get my free food they were giving out and I missed a whole period.

Lets stop reducing food and drink prices and maybe slash ticket prices perhaps?

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