2013 Baseball Road Trip – The Last Horah – Projected Day 1


The Last Horah – Projected Day 1 Saturday, August 31st, 2013

So with the trip 5 months away, It gives me plenty of time to do some research and find some cool stuff long my route. Its gets lonely sometimes being in the car for a few days. This time it is going to be 11 days of driving. A real test on my mind. Last september when I did a south east baseball trip, I soot out BBQ spots in Georgia and South Carolina and road side attractions in FLA. A couple years back for my 2011 West Coast Baseball Road trip, i explored a few spots, but my schedule was so tight, I didn’t plan well and missed some stuff, which I hope to pick up this time around.

For the Entire Trip Run Down check out – http://aeradioshow.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/2013-baseball-road-trip-the-last-horah/

Day 1 –

The Start:

I land in Denver around 11am on Saturday 8-31-01.

I hope to get the car and be on the road by 12PM since I have about a 7 hour drive to Albuquerque that night.

Stop 1:

The first stop along the way will be in Colorado Springs at about 1:30PM

The Airplane Restaurant

1664 N. Newport Rd. Colorado Springs, CO


Its a restaurant in an old World War II Boeing KC-97

Stop 2:

About an hour down the road takes me to the town of Penrose, CO

The Worlds Oldest Rocking Chair

115 Fremont St, Penrose CO


It is located on the side of the road on a fenced off piece of property. last report was 2008 so it may or may not still be there, but we’ll find out!

Stop 3:

Next on the route is the Worlds Highest Suspension Bridge which is over the Arkansas River.

The Royal Gorge Bridge located next to an amusement park

4218 County Rd 3a, Canon City, CO


going to drive or walk across and see what all the fuss is about

Stop 4:

Brings me to Hooper Colorado to The UFO Watch Tower

UFO Watch Tower

2502 County Rd 61, Hooper, CO


Looks like a cool road side pit stop that i love

Stop 5:

Another quick picture stop along the way

Cano’s Castle, a house cover with metal, cans and hubcaps

Cano’s Castle

1100 State St, Antonio CO


That will be the last stop in CO. At this point I should be on US 285 heading into New Mexico

Stop 6 is a quick stop in Sante Fe, which is the highest elevated capital city in the USA. The stop is an old Hollywood Western Town

Hollywood Western Town

153 rancho Alegre rd, Santa Fe NM


I love old school Western cities so this should be cool

This last stop will be a toss up if i’ll make it or not. I would be due hitting there around 8PM, so we’ll have to see how dark it is getting. I will still be 1 hours away from Albuquerque.

Although I have no booked my room in A city yet, Sante Fe may be my stop for the night, but it looks like we have a room in Sante Fe for the night under budget!

If any readers out there know of any suggested stops along the way, feel free to email me at demattiaa@gmail.com – Put the day in of travel in the subject line. I would love to hear suggestions

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