Watch out Dodgers the Yankees could be your future

By Adam Mallet

In Baseball the AL-East has made some drastic
changes. Gone are the days of the Yankees and Redsox fighting over the
division. While I feel neither of these two teams will win the
division this year, I can’t believe just how desperate and old the
Yankees have become. This is what happens when you sign players to
ridiculously long and pricey contracts. Watch out Dodgers. This is
your future.
Just look at this Yankee roster. If you take the top 10 highest
salaries on the team and then take a look at there age, you could make
an argument that only three of them are still in prime playing years.
Robinson Cano (30) Curtis Granderson (32) and Mark Teixeira (32) Both
Granderson and Teixeira are injured at the moment and Teixeira has
been showing signs of decline. Age wise I consider them both at the
tail end of there primes. I personally consider most primes to be
between the ages of 24-32. The rest of the offense is productive, IF
they aren’t injured. However, because they are so freakin old this has
made escaping injuries impossible. Derek Jeter (38) will start the
season on the DL because of his ankle. A-rod (37) will miss half the
season as he recovers from hip surgery. I think that’s a generous
Just because your best years are behind you, that doesn’t mean you
aren’t productive. Some of these older players can still produce but
how much longer can this continue? Injuries can happen no matter how
old you are, but as you age they become not only more likely but the
recovery time is longer. With Ichiro (39) Kuroda (38) Hafner (35)
Youkilis (34) Rivera (43) Wells (34) Pettitte (40) It is quite
possible an even bigger collapse could be on the horizon for this
already desperate team.
I think I would be pissed if I was a Yankee fan. For the 16th
straight year the Yankees are the highest valued team in baseball at
$2.3 billion. This is an increase from the previous year of $1.85
billion. Over the past couple seasons they have basically played
possum in the free agent market and said how they are trying to limit
spending and save money because of the luxury tax. Even though this
excuse sounded like crap to begin with, it didn’t help when the
Dodgers came around and went on a spending spree and basically said
“luxury tax? Who cares if we get hit with a luxury tax! Do you know
how much revenue we generate.” With this attitude coming from the
second highest valued team. ($1.6 billion) It only proves what the
Yankees are preaching is definitely garbage. The real reason for the
lack of spending is because you can’t sign more long term/high profile
players when mega dollars are already tied up at a position. For
example, A-rod plays third base and will make $29 million this season.
Even though he will miss half of it with an injury, you can’t trade or
sign another big contract to that position. You have to play them when
you can because they are making a lot. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s
true! The only other solution would be to either trade that player and
eat a huge amount of the contract. However, no owner enjoys paying for
players on other teams, or in this case sign cheap short term deals to
veteran players until these massive contracts expire and money is
freed up at that position.
This could very well be the Dodgers someday. Currently, on paper they
have a great roster with lots of potential, but they have drastically
overpaid and tied up some long term money that could comeback and hurt
them. I do ask myself though, “are spending sprees like this worth it
if they win a couple championships?” I think so. However, it would be
nice to have a balance and set limits that way you don’t doom yourself
in the future to begin with.

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